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I am an Egyptian Social media content creator / Actress / Filmmaker.

I Joined Fine arts faculty in Cairo and made good use of my college years to discover myself in theatre and film as an actress , photographer , editor ,director and Producer which helped me decide to join the "High cinema institute" in Egypt to study filmmaking, on the same year of my graduation .

As I embarked on another self discovery journey ,I started doing different things on set such as art directing , costume design , set design , cinematography , special effects , and production. 

Parallel to this, I started working in the field of translation , localisation and song writing for dubbing , I became so good at this and worked on a large number of projects for reputable T.V. channels like Nickelodeon , MBC3 , MTV. and I was lucky to work on many awesome projects:


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In April 2017, I created a Facebook Page, and started a vlog under the title "Common sense" ,the page blew up .. 17 Million views & 460K followers, in seven months, the videos discuss problems that face women in the Arab world, as well as other social issues with a sarcastic approach. 


November 3rd 2017,  My first time on a                  stage, It was a wonderful experience speaking in TEDx Cairo women.