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Fatma is an Egyptian Actor, Comedian and Content creator based in Toronto. You may have seen her on Netflix’s “Newton’s Cradle”, heard her voice as queen “Amanitore” in Sid Meier’s “Civilization VI” game, or if you speak Arabic, you might have come across her TEDx talk, or her women empowerment content with over 35 million views. She has done dubbing and voiceover work for Nickelodeon, Starz, OSN, MTV to name a few. She has a BA in Filmmaking and a BFA in painting. She is currently studying Comedy writing and performance, besides training at “The Second City”. 

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In 2017, she started making online videos. The main aim was discussing issues that women face in the Arab world and empowering women.Her third video hit her first 1M views in 1 day. And soon after,  the content gained popularity and by the end of the same year,She was invited to be a              speaker at TedxCairoWomen.

Her content made over 35+ million views. And she has over 900+ followers on all social media platforms. 


I moved to Toronto, Canada. I am currently studying a 2 year diploma in "Comedy writing and performance" parallel to establishing myself as a comedian and actor in the new city. I am performing at Yukyuk's and other comedy clubs. In addition to auditioning whenever there is a chance. 

My latest work as an actress is in the short films "Mama" and " Exit plan" And the comedy sketch "Broken Remote Control".

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