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I am Actor / Comedian / Social media content creator 

After my BFA in painting, followed by BA in filmmaking. I worked as a freelance director and producer, In addition to that, I worked for more than a decade as a translator, director, producer and actor in the field of voice over and dubbing. And I was lucky to work with incredible clients like Nickelodeon , MBC3 and MTV. 

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In 2017, I started making online videos. The main aim was discussing issues that women face in the Arab world and empowering women. By the third video I had my first 1M views in 1 day. And soon after the content gained popularity and by the end of the same year, I had the chance to be a              speaker for the first time at TedxCairoWomen.

And since then it has been snowballing, making the total views of my videos 30+ million. 

Currently, I am grateful to have 810k+ followers in facebook. In addition to 80K+ on YouTube and 30k+ on Instagram. 


In August 2021, I moved to Toronto, Canada. I am currently studying a 2 year diploma in "Comedy writing and performance" parallel to establishing myself as a comedian and actor in the new city. I am performing at Yukyuk's and other comedy clubs. In addition to auditioning whenever there is a chance. 

My latest work as an actress is in the short films "Mama" and " Exit plan" And the comedy sketch "Broken Remote Control".